Thursday, 2 January 2014

Country dining?

At the moment we seem to be in a continual peak and trough of storms and lulls with another cycle due to hit the western side of the UK in the next 24 hours.

Between peaks it's been a case of weather watching, looking at the sky, calculating chance of rain and if the odds are favourable boots, coat, hat, gloves, collar, lead and dog are collected and off we speed. Not storm chasing more storm evading.

With only one dog to take for a walk and he seemingly undimmed by age, these 6 footed perambulations have once again become longer and more adventurous in their nature. The pace quicker and more appetite promoting, but perhaps not in the way intended on this walk.

The other day we returned to a part of the countryside that we have not visited for 6 years. However the agricultural cycle has of course continued away from our observations. Fields recently ploughed just a foot step away from a sinking in mud feeling.

The field skirted, the beech lined path beckoned us on.

Something had stopped for dinner but not us, wood pigeon a tad "gamey" for our palate.

Possibly a mushroom sauce would add a dimension?

Washed down with clear fresh water perhaps?

All within your private dining room with that rustic vibe, 

Or perhaps high tea is more to your taste

and off course if you have room for dessert  there can only be "Mud Pie".

All served with a smile


My Orange Brompton said...

Love your dog walking posts and pictures.

Fegrig said...

Thank you OB Man, appreciate you taking the time to comment.