Gluten Free Hob Nobs!

27. June 2016 food, gluten free 0

IMG_8595I’ve had my diagnosis of Coeliac Disease for two and a half years now and really there are few things I miss but one of those is a good chocolate biscuit, the sort of biscuit that you can have with your cup of tea, dunking optional.

You move on of course from the wheat poisoning type that you used to gobble and “natural products” now fill the biscuit box, these may have “natural”, “gluten free” and “other free” labels on the wrapper but I find that they are usually very sweet.  It’s like the producer has decided to cover the wallpaper paste that binds the ingredients with  sugar, mix in the honey, fructose, agava – it’s all sugar and at times too sweet even for me.

You might not have belly ache but you now have no teeth.  There must be room for a study –

“Does dental health deteriorate once you are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease?”

All this could be changing dear reader as science and the good folk at McVitie’s have woken up to the gluten free pound by launching Gluten Free Hob Nobs!

They’ve used gluten free oats and other none-stomach-churning ingredients to give we Coeliac’s who can tolerate oats another reason to have lots of tea. If you can’t manage oats, you’ll just have to keep brushing those teeth.

I’ve not seen any for real in a pre-launch release way and officially they will hit the shelves on July 1st. I have the kettle on already.

Have you seen any, have you tasted any, and crucially, are they any good?

In the interests of fair and balanced research, my non-Coeliac wife has volunteered to do a blind taste test, when the delectables arrive.