2017 & my A5 Holborn

04. September 2016 filofax, image, notebooks, stationery 0

September is here and it’ll not be long till Christmas ?

I wonder how many of you will have your letter written already?

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good _ this year and I would like a Filofax _ in the _ size, colour _ please.
Yours sincerely
A hopeful Filofax owner
(Or perhaps that should be Filofax gatherer?)


I don’t know about you but in the last few weeks I’m having dates issued for meetings for 2017.

Therefore I needed to start 2017 in my diary, so on line I went, looking at the various options to fill my A5 Filofax.
I considered the templates from Steve and his philofaxy collective but the process was beyond me.
I meandered around the already printed and ready to be placed on the ring options, but none grabbed me by the binder, is that the correct phraseology ?
I spent a while, (as you do), looking around at various options and permutations whilst trying to keep to what I needed as opposed to wanted.

Do you really need a Pre-printed option to tick off when you de-fluff your belly button? Perhaps you have the space if you have 30mm for such life logging detail, but in the end I decided on the source material – Filofax and these options.

  1. Vertical year planner.
  2. Month on two pages diary.
  3. One day on a page business diary.

And these will sit in the aforementioned

The next time I’ll start to share the what’s, how’s and why’s of the inside in true Filofax exposé style.

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