24. September 2016 stationery, travel 2

I was staying in the recently opened Hilton hotel in Bournemouth.

One evening I was having an explore and came across the business suite whilst I was looking for the lift.

The designer had let their imagination wander a bit and we had a mobile phone wall. Not so interesting as the phones had been stuck on and the white paint roller had done its work.

More interesting was the typewriter wall, much more colour and interesting. Different manufacturers, models and colours.

There were elements of the typewriting experience missing of course. No clackity clack as the keys jumped up to the paper, or the rasp of the roller as the paper winds up or down.

It’s a long time since I used a typewriter and as I studied the wall I had a fleeting romanticism for using one again . Much more interesting that the ubiquitous white keyboard and pixelated screen that we use today.

The one thing I don’t miss though is the ink smudged fingers and thumb after the ink ribbon had been changed.

All good and well harking back to a typewriter but how would you blog ?

Do you still use a typewriter?
What do you use it for?
I’d be interested to read about it.

2 thoughts on “Typewriters”

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    Richard P on 6 October 2016

    Blogging by typewriter is easy! It’s called typecasting.
    Visit typosphere.net.

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    fegrig on 11 October 2016

    Thanks Richard, I’ll have a look at that, sounds interesting.

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