Gluten Free Fish n Chips

30. October 2016 food, gluten free 0

Although never an everyday, Fish n Chips that staple of British gastronomic life is something that is usually only open to the gluten loving community. We Coeliacs are largely left out of the loop.

However on a recent work trip I found myself in Scarborough. I hadn’t been there for many years, the last time was in the back of an ambulance on escort duty and before that when I was in shorts and sandals as an eight year old. The view hasn’t changed that much. Still sunny and sandy, with the sea still wet.

As always I did some research on where I could eat gluten free and as a result of my internet wandering I came across this little fishy wonder –  Mother Hubbard’s.  On arrival in Scarborough I didn’t have a lot of time to get there as “last orders” were taken at 6:30pm . I checked into my hotel, unpacked and walked from the hotel across the iron bridge that crosses over the main road to the seafront. All so familiar from many decades ago, I even had shorts on. A different pair from the ’70’s of course. I made it to the restaurant in enough time as it wasn’t too far away from my hotel.

If you are travelling into Scarborough for the day the restaurant is very close to the rail station at the top of the main shopping street. A bit anonymous as it a street level door with the restaurant on the upper level. I walked past it at first, it didn’t help I was on the wrong side of the street.

For those ultra sensitive folk, there is a hint of caution in the menu as there is no separate gluten free kitchen but thankfully I’m not so afflicted and sat and ordered with high hopes. The procession of orders coming out of the kitchen looked good and the busy dining room was another positive sign.

I ordered their gluten free haddock and chips with mushy peas. It looked good, smelled better and tasted very well. The batter was a bit oily but nothing off putting, the fish was deliciously dry as were the chips. It was of course freshly made, for my order and would only have sat for a short while before being plated. Certainly no reason to reject it as it was well cooked and very tasty indeed.

As with all things the proof of the “pudding” is in the eating and it went down very easily, fish n chip taste buds refreshed. A job well done!

Would I recommend Mother Hubbard’s definitely, would I visit again absolutely and would I try something else on the menu, for sure.

The staff were well informed on the gluten free front too. They had offered me vinegar but then realised that I would need the gluten free vinegar, they apologised and whipped the first bottle away, impressive.

There you go then Mother Hubbard’s, a gluten free hit.