It’s not all black & white

20. November 2016 camera, outdoors, travel 0

Here we are in Helsinki, national capital of Finland and the furthest north I’ve ever been. Certainly the closest to Santa Claus.
So what’s it like?
Chilly and damp but better than the snow we just missed, and being near the water there’s a bit of a nippy wind now and again.
It’s flat, easy to walk around and to get your bearings in – perfect for the favourite holiday pastime – mooching, i.e. Wandering without a specific purpose and just looking here and there, getting a view of what the locals do and experience.
This can take many forms from mooching around supermarkets to viewing show flats to heading into car showrooms to view what’s on offer. Did that Nissan dealer expect a sale that day in Japan?
So back to Helsinki, lots of wandering & wondering, lots of discussion on what we see and how they, (the Finns), do things.
The food looks tasty and recognisable and for me seeking to find gluten free food options, no problems thus far. The labelling is good with sections in supermarkets and every eaterie menu having items marked G (gluten free) or not.
Throw in photo opportunities like these

And let’s not forget the main language – Finnish, that’s far from black & white. You look at a newspaper and nothing looks familiar, menus – you could be ordering reindeer bits n bobs, conversations in the street and on tv, it’s all ……. well Finnish!

So difficult to learn I think, as it has no common linguistic route to anything we get taught at school. Unless of course you attended a school that studied Hungarian?
We’ve got hello, good bye and thank you, sussed but I can’t see me learning much more.

?? moi moi