100th parkrun

03. December 2016 outdoors, parkrun, run, video 0


A landmark day in the Fegrig parkrun journey.

My official email from parkrun HQ, says it all.

Congratulations on achieving 100 parkruns. You are our newest member of the parkrun 100 club. The results will now display a 100 club icon next to your name.


In the big parkrun scheme of things, where you have thousand’s of participants proudly wearing their 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500! parkrun club t-shirts, my figure of 100 is a mere ripple in the parkrun ocean but I’m still chuffed with my little piece of parkrun success.

I’ve visited 29 (30 if you include Edinburgh), volunteered a fair bit – I think my purple coloured volunteer t-shirt is the piece of parkrun wardrobe that I’m most proud of – and enjoyed the “run” immensely.

I was tail runner at my home event of parkrun Edinburgh today. The day was a three C day –  clear, calm and chilly. As you will see near the end of the video, the paediatric nurse/health visitor part of my brain was brought into play this morning. There seemed to be a few chilly little people. Wrap them up please, having a little blue person is not a good look especially when they are crying with the cold.

Public health message done.

Parkrun 101 here I come…….