Savouring the Sunshine

06. December 2016 image, outdoors, shinrin-yoku 0

Walking is hugely underrated, so many times it is lost in the need to move faster/harder/stronger/higher that underpins more strenuous physical activity.

Nowadays so many of us rush around, head down transfixed by a piece of electronic tech cradled in our hands. The surrounding world just moves by, little more than a back drop.

For me though the opportunity to look up, breathe in and smile, moving at a pace that appreciates the environment is a precious activity and one to be savoured.
Like it was a couple of days ago.

The clear sky with the bright winter sun bursting through the trees, no warmth in those rays but lots of light. The aged beech trees long ago left to grow from over their intended hedge height, standing as if they were sun worshippers waiting on their deity.