A Black & White Walk

Today’s walk for Boris and me was to a woodland we haven’t been to for a couple of months. On the last visit we spied the boards that the Forestry Commission had put up, inviting bids from companies to harvest the soft wood forest. A crop grown over the last thirty to forty years now ready for harvest.
Today on our return, the process had moved on with swathes of the woodland having been harvested already.
It all looked a bit bleak and lifeless with not much of a colour, the sky was grey, the tree cover was gone and the westerly wind was blowing across the moor. It seemed appropriate to have black and white images.


Hopefully the felled timber won’t sit by the roadside and it will be put to good use before too long. It seems a waste to have cut logs sitting by the roadside, waiting on the lift that never comes.

Some of the older trees have been left, old Scots Pine or those long dead and dry, standing like a lightning rod, waiting on the storm.



As you would expect the winter weather plus heavy machinery equals squishy, boot & paw sucking mud.


All taken in a dog of mature years stride as he watched, sniffed and explored.



Perhaps wondering how I would get my boots clean ?