Canons Park parkrun 17/12/16

15. January 2017 outdoors, parkrun, video 0

No parkrun for me this week end but what I have is a backlog of short video’s from my parkrun tourist adventures. I’m unlikely to return to some of these events so I will try to post and share my thoughts in case it helps someone else make a decision on wether to visit and run or not.

The week before Christmas I was in London and the relatively new Canons Park event was just a few stops up the line from my hotel at Wembley. Here is the video, excuse the Merry Christmas messages and the obvious mistake made due to a lack of oxygen. I of course didn’t run faster than the event PB what I meant to say was that I ran faster than the event’s average time. This is always my target when I visit a new, (for me), parkrun to run quicker than the average. I did catch the young guy that I mention as he finished his run and cheered him in. Before the event he was sharing his running plans for 2017, good luck to him.

It was an enjoyable event, go along, say hello.