Northala Fields parkrun 4/2/17

04. February 2017 outdoors, parkrun, photos, video 0

Another Saturday, another parkrun.

This week with a click of their heels the magic running shoes took me to Northala Fields in North West London, near the west end of the Central Line, that’s the red one.

There was the first timers briefing.

A tarpaulin on the ground and some benches to place your stuff whilst you had your canter around the park.

There were toilets, a cafe, the paths were a mix of compact gravel and tarmac, it was flat apart from a couple of slight, short rises. You could run fast here if you where in that frame of mind. My target was to cross the line faster than the parkrun average time, with no heroics and no damage, job done. The reason for my non eye-balls out approach, I’m in London for the 10km  London Winter  run tomorrow.

Wish me luck!