Is the argument Black & White? #ourNHS

05. March 2017 image, outdoors, photos, work 0

Yesterday I did the Southwark parkrun and after a quick breakfast and shower I moved onto central London and the meeting point at Tavistock Square, the start for the #ourNHS march that took ten’s of thousands through the streets of London to a rally on Parliament Square.

There was so much emotion on show yesterday and so many vivid but peaceful aspects of democracy and the right to vocalise one’s beliefs.

I didn’t have my “proper” camera but I had the iPhone and tweeted, (@GavinFergie) relentlessly over the course of the march until the battery on my phone was spent.

There were placards, aplenty.

Banners and flags.

And Balloons.

It was great fun, an excellent example of peaceful protest but with a serious message, just is the importance of the NHS.

I’ll let you decide if it is a black & white issue.