Fire, Fabio & Footsteps

16. July 2017 outdoors, photos 0

Today it did not rain, I’ll write that again. It did not rain. It seems as though we’ve had the biblical 40 days and the grass was long and lustrous. All that was missing were the cows and we had pastures that Anchor, Kerrygold and Lurpak would pay handsomely for.

So into gardening gear and break out the grass cutting equipment, Amazon couldn’t deliver the goats on time. So much for Prime.

So this little battery powered beast  munched through 11 baskets of cuttings on two charges.



But still some grass remains uncut long and lustrous, flowing in the breeze like the hair of a 1980’s male model, Fabio?
Whilst the grass was being cut or the machine battery was charging I had a bonfire. Like primal man discovering fire I stood and watched the flames as they engulfed the elderflower tree, (who knew weeds got that big?) and the laurel hedge cuttings.


If the breeze had been more predictable it would have been a great fire pit – ember baked tatties?

Or a foil wrapped grey squirrel or two?

I was being primal.

Who’s up for fire walking?