Winter Is Coming

09. September 2017 outdoors, photos 0

You might have read the title with images of “the Wall”, “Walkers” and John Snow spouting the words in his best Northern accent.

Nothing to do with “Game of Thrones” more the seasonal reality that winter is coming and firewood will be needed for the stove to keep our toes and Boris’ claws warm, this water.

This afternoon has been dry, grass has been cut and whilst the mower battery recharges, I’ve been busy. The chain saw has been employed to chop lengths of the well seasoned wood from the wood store. Then my favourite bit, I bring out the axe to split the lengths into stove sized, warmth emitting morsels of cellulose.

I might not have a wilderness log cabin, built on the shores of some loch somewhere but I can practice chopping wood. That’s what those log cabin types do, they chop wood, well that’s all they seem to do in popular culture, chop wood.

There are no “gyms” in the wilderness but you can see why. Little demand, everyone is chopping wood, tops off, wiping their brow and not a cubic centimetre of Lycra in sight. Not unlike Game of Thrones!

I’ll keep practicing and keep chopping just in case we sell up and forge the frontier, cabin style.