Rising Sun parkrun #43

16. September 2017 outdoors, parkrun, photos, travel, video 0

This morning’s parkrun adventure took me to my 43rd venue, my first in the North East parkrun region of England, a part of the parkrun world that has a bucket load of event’s in a relatively small geographical patch, especially when compared to my home patch of Scotland. Population density I suppose.

So up – but perhaps not with the break of dawn – to travel the short distance to The Rising Sun Country Park on a lovely pre-autumnal morning.


Lots of open space, trees, a lake, horses and equine poo too. Watch your step!

And many variants of that weekly genus parkrunner mammilia.

It was a slow start, due to the several hundred participants involved but as we all know it’s not a race but an experience. I did blot my copy book though as a narrow gate came into view. It had me contemplating an emergency stop or a handbrake turn or the fear of me tripping and bringing the event to a screeching halt, so I decided in my gazelle-escaping-a-predator mind set to take the “less risky” route of hurdling a safety tape. Duh! I cleared it but it’s not what you should do, sorry.

So on we trundled along a cinder trail, through some trees and country paths. I think it’s one large loop followed by two smaller loops and then return along the large loop to home. It is a route where you need to keep to the left as the runners merge around the loop depending on their pace but the event has plenty of marshals to keep you right (or should that be left)?

Today I tried something new, I recorded the route in time lapse mode, rather than on actual running time which might have been a tad dull. Watching me chug around the countryside with occasional expectorations as a sound track, for 26 minutes would probably be less than riveting, so time lapse brings this down to a minute of viewing. I’m sure I will learn and it will get better, quality wise. The picture it’s a bit jerky but hopefully gives those who wonder what parkruns look like and Rising Sun in particular will get some idea.

Job done and here is the post run review.

Another one done, number 124 I think, and I was quicker than the course average time, with 25:37, and a double digit number finish  token, that doesn’t happen often, so personal satisfaction box ticked.

After my thanks to the Run Director and those other volunteers that I saw I made my way back to the Asda overflow carpark, I unfortunately couldn’t join in the post parkrun tea ritual. What I did see gladdened the heart; a little group of park runners who had finished but walked  back the few metres to the sharp right turn that leads to the finish to cheer others home. I’ve commented often how quiet parkruns can be with people just drifting off after rather than clapping other hardy souls in over those last hard metres. Here at Rising Sun that’s what happened. Little sunbeams they are, fabulous, great spirit!


Next week is my first time as the Run Director at home in Edinburgh.

Wish me luck!