Pics, pics, pics

26. November 2017 camera, image, photos, travel 0

Digital images.

I have 1000’s and it’s not until something happens with your lap top that you realise you should have a back up, (now done). I just snap now without any thought of the cost of developing – remember that? At the chemist too, not those chains that sprung up where you could have your “spool” developed and negatives, I’ve got loads of these somewhere too.

So I find I have lots and lots of pictures and I think I should share them occasionally on here. Much better than the evenings where you used to sit with family/friends/colleagues through their recent pack of photographs.

Instagram you say, I am on there but I really don’t use it. I have a job and a life that really doesn’t need me wedded to another social network platform. The spin off might be that I dust of my camera, remember them?

So what have I found for sharing today?

This was taken in a Buddhist graveyard in Japan, at Koya near Osaka. The statue is many years old and quite rightly for a weather beaten old soul he needs some protection on cold Japanese winter nights. The hat is probably a gift from parents to the deity Jizo to protect their children whether they be alive or dead.