Troon parkrun 30/12/17 no 131 venue 46

31. December 2017 outdoors, parkrun, run, travel, video 0

Another Saturday when Mr and Mrs Jack Frost and their children Snowy, Icy and Dicey played with parkrun venues. Most of the events in east central Scotland had been cancelled due to the underfoot conditions, so I decided on a bit of further flung tourism that took me to Troon.  It’s a place famous perhaps for its golf but I’m sure this parkrun on the Costa del Ayrshire will be just as popular before too long.

The road heading west was clear and ice free and a safe journey was had. I parked up and stepped out of the car to be met by a chilly wind coming off the sound. My fleece was zipped up and off I trundled to the start. At the run director’s briefing and shout out there were quite a few tourists to Troon that morning but not busloads and a tidy number of participants made for a welcoming environment.  I much prefer smaller numbers of park runners, it feels more welcoming and it’s easier to chat to others as you keep warm waiting for the “Go!”

The promised rain stayed away and the winter sun cast a cool glow over the prom and the water.

The course was simple and clear to follow, one wee loop and back to the start then out again along the prom, behind the dunes and back for the longer loop.

There were about 80 folk there and there was plenty of room even when the path narrowed behind the dunes due to sand and puddles. If you are happy to plough through these regardless then the path is more than accommodating. Once you get on the prom proper there is width enough to satisfy both a stream of park runners and the Saturday morning dog walking and strolling locals.

One of the locals walking their woof, came up afterwards to ask what all the running about was for and that is why my reflective video is cut short as I entered into the joys of parkrun chat. It feels a bit evangelical but she did ask and I am enthusiastic.

So Troon parkrun; a great course, in better weather this could be an even faster run and I’ll definitely be back. Thanks to the core team and the volunteers, your efforts are much appreciated.

There is a local café for tea and coffee and there are toilets somewhere. It’s all on the Troon parkrun site.

I was happy with my time, no pressure or fuss and an enjoyable trot along the Ayrshire coast. That’s number 131 for me and my 46th venue. There are three events in Ayrshire and all provide a different challenge. Give them a try.

Now for the shoogly video, (yes I know about the title error : | ) and the not so shoogly one.