Blubber, Bananas, Bake!

It’s been a while since I baked anything, it’s definitely more than the six years since my Coeliac Disease diagnosis . I say bake, but it was really in its loosest sense, as I worked with the assistance of a bread making machine.

The last bread maker retired a while ago after many years of hard service, the multitude of school-boy packed lunches, bread for toasting, rolls for stuffing and pizza dough for rolling took it’s toll and in the end it melted or smoked out to be more precise.

So in the last few days when the outlook here was snow, snow and more snow my inner walrus decided it needed to build more blubber. It was that or maybe I was just getting cabin fever and my credit card was in easy reach.

It had nothing to do with the “snowmaggedon” hysteria that has gripped parts of the country.

With the hashtags





All summing up the desire for that staple of the human diet – BREAD.

So sitting on the sofa I decided to purchase a new bread maker, but by now technology has moved on and this model – a nifty number from Panasonic, has options to make gluten free.

– bread ?

– pasta ?


– cake ?

Yes cake!

For those unaware gluten free cakes must be made from elven flour or something equally rare and magical because they are so bleeding expensive!

Not anymore thanks to this piece of kit. Less expensive too, thanks to Coeliac UK I had a discount code to set against the final price.

So no more multiples of a single £ to buy a cake, half the size that what “normal folk” could eat for a third of the price, cake economy here we come.



So cake first and I got some of these



Chopped and mixed them with the dry ingredients as dictated by the recipe booklet that arrived with the machine and plopped all of that in the baking tin.



Then it was a case of waiting until the baking was complete, (1hr 50min), although the aroma filling the kitchen was pretty enticing as the bake took shape.

Ta Da!

A gluten free banana cake.



It tasted pretty good too ?



Once the machine had cooled down and was cleaned I moved onto bread. First up a sunflower seed and Parmesan loaf.


The bread was a bit cakey in texture but it tastes pretty good for a GF bread. I’m unlikely to have it cold for sandwiches as it was scheduled for this morning’s breakfast and toasted.

No picture here, sorry, the toast was munched and gobbled before the camera shutter could say cheese!


Great toast ??

What’s next? ?