Valencia – City of Running! (& Hugo)

24. March 2018 image, outdoors, photos, run, travel 0

Hello, the Valencia 1/2M is later this afternoon. Instead of my usual parkrun journey this morning, it’s a catch up on yesterday’s pre-breakfast amble.

I had two aims yesterday, the first being to check out the starting point for tomorrow’s (today’s) race and secondly to ease my body into a state of fluidity as I felt creaky and stiff. Think “Tin Man” before Dorothy and the oil can.

Off I went and after a short distance I came upon the bridge where the event will start and looked down towards the Hemisferic and the distant Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencias buildings.

These buildings have a real futuristic feel to them. A fact grasped by film makers in the past.

The finishing straight, (the right side of the image), will have you running on a blue carpeted concrete pathway with water on either side. It will be dark by the time I finish and it should provide a finish to remember.

The city of Valencia has a palpable, supportive approach to running and other physical activities. Even the barriers waiting to be employed tomorrow say so!

Valencia City of Running ??

Here we go!

P.S. The weather is changing and by this evening, the tail end of Hurricane Hugo will be bringing 45-60 km winds to the streets of Valencia! Hopefully they’ll be behind me at the end.

As I said an experience run ?