Cider – the good the bad and the ugly

15. July 2018 cider 0

Beer in my opinion is Bleugh!

Lager is, according to my taste buds, lousy!

The need for copious amounts of water for their production and the necessity for mega amounts of CO2 are just another couple of reasons that the aforementioned beverages do not appeal, we cider drinkers laugh at the need for such bubbles. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Of course to a coeliac they are frankly poisonous and never a drop of either will pass my lips.

My brew of choice has always been cider and its pear based cousin, perry.

Apples, their juice, some natural yeast strains and your favourite uncle, Farmer Bob the cider maker.

I read somewhere that a cider writer had tasted over 300 varieties, not bad, I thought, lucky him. I then did some thinking and looked at my own cider notes. I keep my musings, basically because I want to assist my memory as much as possible. Remembering the good, the bad and the ugly.  I must add, (just in case family and friends think I’ve been in some kind of apple infused stupor for several months), that my notes have been compiled over several years.

So there will be more cider and perry posts coming up. I do hope you find these posts interesting and that they lead you to enjoying something more than a Strongbow, Kopparberg or Magners.