It’s that kind of day 

12. February 2017 food, gluten free, indoors, photos 0
Cold front here, wind chill there, meteorologists will use all their experience and expertise to inform  us of the winter chill. Despite all the forecasting and technological wizardry there is the heuristic knowledge that informs you that it’s that kind of day. A cheese on toast in front of the fire day. With the healthy ...

Toffee or Teeth

Santa in the guise of son the elder has for many years brought two bags of treacle toffee to me on Xmas Day. When money was tight it was an easy and relatively inexpensive Christmas gift that provided me with a festive sugar buzz. Money may not be so tight nowadays but the toffee still ...

The Tail of a Brush?

24. December 2016 boristhedog, indoors, photos 0
Those of us who have a Labrador dog in the house are well aware of the sweeping power of a dog’s tail. This tail is designed of course to drive the dog through the water to retrieve sodden Labradorian fisherfolk or downed fowl or in our case swimming for the joy of it. It only ...

Walnuts & The Walking Dead

04. December 2016 image, indoors, photos, tv 0
It’s winter and Christmas is looming near, Ho Ho Ho ! Of course with Christmas comes food associated with the season of cheer. In this case roasted chestnuts. Tasty enough, they don’t take long to cook in the hot oven. Once peeled it’s an easy munch. I don’t know about you though but to me ...

Toasty Hot

27. November 2016 image, indoors 0
All that’s missing are the marshmallows and long pointy sticks. The use of a normal sized cutlery fork would not be a smart move unless you were aiming to emulate the roast chicken we had earlier. 😳 Toasty hot it is.