The Tail of a Brush?

24. December 2016 boristhedog, indoors, photos 0
Those of us who have a Labrador dog in the house are well aware of the sweeping power of a dog’s tail. This tail is designed of course to drive the dog through the water to retrieve sodden Labradorian fisherfolk or downed fowl or in our case swimming for the joy of it. It only ...

Savouring the Sunshine

06. December 2016 image, outdoors, shinrin-yoku 0
Walking is hugely underrated, so many times it is lost in the need to move faster/harder/stronger/higher that underpins more strenuous physical activity. Nowadays so many of us rush around, head down transfixed by a piece of electronic tech cradled in our hands. The surrounding world just moves by, little more than a back drop. For ...

Walnuts & The Walking Dead

04. December 2016 image, indoors, photos, tv 0
It’s winter and Christmas is looming near, Ho Ho Ho ! Of course with Christmas comes food associated with the season of cheer. In this case roasted chestnuts. Tasty enough, they don’t take long to cook in the hot oven. Once peeled it’s an easy munch. I don’t know about you though but to me ...

100th parkrun

03. December 2016 outdoors, parkrun, run, video 0
Hello, A landmark day in the Fegrig parkrun journey. My official email from parkrun HQ, says it all. CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations on achieving 100 parkruns. You are our newest member of the parkrun 100 club. The results will now display a 100 club icon next to your name.   In the big parkrun scheme of things, ...

Toasty Hot

27. November 2016 image, indoors 0
All that’s missing are the marshmallows and long pointy sticks. The use of a normal sized cutlery fork would not be a smart move unless you were aiming to emulate the roast chicken we had earlier. 😳 Toasty hot it is.

Latent Power

26. November 2016 image, outdoors, photos 0
One of the delights of living where we live is that time of the day when the natural lights are turned off – dusk. In the summer we witness intense orange horizons, as the sun sets in the west. These sunsets are the equal to any I’ve seen in my travels. In the winter, especially ...

It’s not all black & white

20. November 2016 camera, outdoors, travel 0
Here we are in Helsinki, national capital of Finland and the furthest north I’ve ever been. Certainly the closest to Santa Claus. So what’s it like? Chilly and damp but better than the snow we just missed, and being near the water there’s a bit of a nippy wind now and again. It’s flat, easy ...

Remembrance Sunday

13. November 2016 personal 0
  The images and messages have been with us for many weeks now in the run up to today, Remembrance Sunday. The politics of the conflicts in which those being remembered served are irrelevant today. Today, it is about those who died and those who were wounded. I have never served in the armed forces, nor have ...

My Wooly hat

12. November 2016 boristhedog, outdoors 0
The weather has turned in a colder, chillier kind of way. I felt the climatic change about 3 week ends ago. I had to put a waistcoat over my t-shirt when I took Boris out for a walk, especially in the evening. Gone are the dreich but still mild summer and autumnal days, now we ...