In the waiting room

02. September 2016 boristhedog 0
Boris is on the list this morning, the theatre list. Nope it’s not some hangover from the Edinburgh Fringe and it’s a one dog show about life, the dogaverse and everything. He’s on the vets surgical theatre list for oral surgery, bits needing cut and other bits removed. In the meantime his “relatives” do what ...

Plaid Shirt?

01. September 2016 outdoors, photos 0
Our neighbours across the road have decided to undertake some serious cosmetic surgery on their garden. The boundary that was highlighted by pine tree saplings, twenty five years ago is now a light defeating wall of wood and pine needles. Our kindly neighbour’s have decided the trees must go and have offered as much wood ...

A prince or a princess?

01. September 2016 outdoors, photos 0
Stumbled across this little beastie on the evening walk with Boris. Do you know if it’s a frog or a toad? What type? To appeal to readers of a Fantasy bent would it turn into a prince or princess if it were kissed?

A meditative meander

A meditative meander we had this morning, the only thing that was missing was Louis Armstrong providing the soundtrack. I had I had my companion for this morning Nature was in abundance At half way we stopped by the stream And meditated on the day Whilst cooling down And quickly back before the sky turned ...

Gluten Free Hob Nobs!

27. June 2016 food, gluten free 0
I’ve had my diagnosis of Coeliac Disease for two and a half years now and really there are few things I miss but one of those is a good chocolate biscuit, the sort of biscuit that you can have with your cup of tea, dunking optional. You move on of course from the wheat poisoning type that you used ...

520,000 miles and one careful owner

24. June 2016 personal 0
I feel that my body is like a car, a luxury bespoke vehicle, hand crafted and engineered to the full extent of mother nature’s development. So special are these vehicles that they take approximately nine months from the genesis in design to the final casting when they are pushed or sometimes pulled from the production ...