520,000 miles and one careful owner

24. June 2016 personal 0

I feel that my body is like a car, a luxury bespoke vehicle, hand crafted and engineered to the full extent of mother nature’s development. So special are these vehicles that they take approximately nine months from the genesis in design to the final casting when they are pushed or sometimes pulled from the production line. I was pushed out.

I (the car) like many, was treated very well, washed and waxed or should that be creamed? daily. The correct fuel and maintenance regime followed. All gremlins and grumbles addressed appropriately by the dealer through servicing (thank you NHS Scotland).

In time the vehicle acquires the ability to take control and become the fully authorised user, the previous owner by now adopting a more back seat driver role.

Under this new ownership the body work has had more bumps and scrapes, the engine might be abused and require intensive treatment or even a replacement. Fortunately for me it’s been bodywork bumps and scrapes, the paintwork is not a luxturous as it once was, the suspension or chassis has creaked and cracked a few times, the fuel quality has had to be modulated because of these grumbles and the headlights are not as powerful as they once were.

Now I don’t mind all of this degradation, it’s part of vehicle ownership and I feel you have the choice. You can have your vehicle sitting in the garage, with it’s dust sheet and plastic covered seats, very few miles on the clock, occasionally rolling along to the local shop and back again. On the outside it might look impressive but it’s been a dull life.

For me I would rather work my vehicle, it’s acquired knocks and scrapes. I’ve not been reckless and I’m a careful owner but in the process I’ve had adventures and excitement. Despite being up on the inspecting deck more that I would like of late I’m looking forward to adding to my 520,000 miles or whatever the true figure is and that’s why I’m here with a fresh blog and platform in the world of Fegrig and blogging.