Photo’s, like you I’ve taken 1000’s and in this digital age once taken, they sit, generally unseen like some long forgotten artifect in the Indiana Jones repository of important archeological stuff.

Like many my phone has become the camera of initial use, the “pocket instamatic” of the 21st Century. However I like the opportunities offered by my “real” camera.

I now use a Panasonic LUMIX GX7 and it’s fab, possibly the best camera I’ve had. Or perhaps just the best camera for where I am in life, now.

Recently on a splendid “Shinrinyoku” walk I took lots of images of Boris. Some were posted in an earlier blog story. The rest, they’ve sat tinkered and edited but just sitting there waiting to be stored.

So storage no more, I’m posting the better images here for looking at, much better than getting fingerprints on the printed photograph as I pass them around.