26. October 2016 outdoors, parkrun, photos, run 0

Note to self

Too much work travel = depleted energy reserves = sleepy me

So I had a late start this morning, rushing once again to get to parkrun on time.

Rooting in the half dark for the required Lycra running garments resulted in me sporting a Nordic orienteering look.

The only thing missing was my compass and a parkrun barcode that called me Gustav Fegrigsson.

 Not a flattering shot, my legs look like sticks of liquorice. Although it adds to the mix, liquorice being such a popular nibble in Fennoscandia.

Despite being a bit sleepy and without a map and compass I travelled from A to B in a far better time than I hoped, despite my liquorice legs.

Number 95 ✔️


(In case you’re wondering that’s Swedish for good and not a reference to what I was wearing under my parkrun shirt).