Springburn parkrun

06. November 2016 outdoors, parkrun, video 0


Saturday came and it was time for another parkrun. I travelled through to the largest city on the Scottish map – Glasgow. More specifically the north side of the metropolis and a place called Springburn, for their version of the parkrun experience.

A jolly nice bunch they were too. I had got in touch the evening before through Facebook after seeing their rather excellent “Springburn safety code”.

Hopefully they won’t mind me sharing it here as it does demand a larger audience.

It is clever.

…….. “Good evening, tomorrow looks like it will be beautiful!! So get yourself up to parkrun tomorrow morning, and seeing as it’s      bonfire night, we will all remember the firework code so we have made up our own Springburn parkrun safety code:

1) Plan your parkrun event and make it safe and enjoyable.
2) Keep your trainers in a closed box and put them on one at a time.
3) Read and follow the parkrun first timers board, using a torch if necessary.
4) Start the parkrun at arms length with a stopwatch and stand well back.
5) NEVER RETURN over the parkrun finish line once it’s been crossed
6) Don’t put tokens in pockets and never throw them.
7) Never use petrol or paraffin, it won’t make you quicker.
8) Make sure everyone’s home, the watch is stopped and the surroundings are made safe before leaving.”………….

Made me smile and gave me an added incentive to drive through the next morning.

Despite my moans I met my own personal target of being quicker than the course average, added another venue to the map and another run towards the next club shirt.

Here’s the post run video, the hill isn’t that bad, more a gradual slope, it’s just me being too heavy and hill averse.