Santa parkrun !

25. December 2016 outdoors, parkrun, photos, video 0

Christmas came a day early, to the little boy, in the shape of a present from Santa parkrun.

Santa didn’t do all it himself, no. Assisting Santa were the Christmas Elves – Wiggle & Tribesports.

So through the letterbox dropped a package.

The eager young parkrunner collected his package from the mat with a level of anticipation and excitement.

What had Santa parkrun brought him?

He took the package through to the kitchen table and ripped open the outer bag, to find.

One more layer to go and then the present from Santa parkrun.

My “100 club” T-shirt!

I now have new kit to wear on Christmas morning parkrun. So slimming black is they say, a welcome bonus at this time of seasonal cheer.

and here’s the video to prove it.