Toffee or Teeth

Santa in the guise of son the elder has for many years brought two bags of treacle toffee to me on Xmas Day.

When money was tight it was an easy and relatively inexpensive Christmas gift that provided me with a festive sugar buzz.

Money may not be so tight nowadays but the toffee still appears, although usually supplemented with something else. Although thus far never a tube of toothpaste and a brush.

This year a brazier, read again, not a brassiere, a brazier for burning things. Think trade unionists on a picket line with a working brazier to keep them warm.
I’m not contemplating a picket line in front of the house, there is a far more practical purpose planned and it’s nothing to do with toffee.

Now toffee is tasty, it’s moreish, slightly dangerous to your dental furniture I agree but if dealt with appropriately, provides many a buttery, sugary num num moment. I don’t chew the toffee, that’s asking for a visit from the tooth fairy, (how many fairy tale characters can I get in here?). Instead I let it soften and melt down to a less dangerous state and chomp accordingly. The bonus of course it’s gluten free, therefore a low risk food group for Coeliacs. ?

Today is the 27th and we have a toffee problem. We are down to one bag ?

I’ve not gobbled the whole 300 grams of “Thorntons Treacle” myself, there was an element of sharing my toffee fortune.

I’m not the Smaug of toffee land.

Why should I solely experience the adrenaline hit from the risk of losing fillings, crowns or teeth. Living on the edge of dental caries.

I’m generous that way.

Only 300 grams left though, one bag and then cold turkey, (sorry I should have warned you there with a turkey alert), for another year.