parkrun sweats!

13. January 2017 outdoors, parkrun 0
parkrun sweats!

No, the title of the post doesn’t relate to some recent sub 20 minute, Olympian inspired, sweat producing 5km.

I’m on tenterhooks here, a creeping freeze resulting in the sort of weather that has brass monkeys anxious means a “pitch inspection” will be made at my two nearest parkruns in the morning.

Inspections will be done by 08:45.

What if both are frozen off, it’ll be too late to go elsewhere ?

A parkrun dilemma indeed!
What’s a man to do in such circumstances?

I may break into the caramel vodka tonight to calm my nerves, until the morning comes and the result of the “pitch inspection”.

If you have a solution to this “first world” parkrun problem please share.