Pea soup & fairy tales

Pea soup & fairy tales

It’s a sleepy weekend here with almost twenty hours of sleep logged and not a spinning wheel in sight. I was tired. No parkrun for me but Boris encouraged the pulling on of my boots for a walk in the haar shrouded woods.

We were met with an eerie panorama with none of the direction choices giving any clue of what might be waiting for us shrouded in the mist.

The sun was trying hard to burn off the misty shroud but it didn’t have enough oomph to do this in January. Perhaps it needed more protein packed, muscle building pea soup?

I half expected some long lost expedition to come staggering out of the trees or perhaps whisps of the cloud to grasp us as we walked by. The stuff of fairy tales.

It was peaceful, calming and just right for this pair of “sleeping beauties”.