Spring is coming?

18. March 2017 image, outdoors, photos 0

But not here it seems…..

It’s peeing down, it’s chilly and the sky is as grey as a mare’s tail.

The bird feeder is a bit lonely, with the bird’s only popping out for some grub between the bouts of rain. I’m sure I saw a couple of ducks having a nibble earlier.

The daffodils are out though, bringing a row of yellow along the front of the house, a guard of honour for the family within.

With spring just around the corner, one looks to the cherry trees and their blossom, for some signs of seasonal change.

We planted the two cherry trees eleven years ago after our trip to Japan, so impressed we were that we wanted to relive the blossom experience each year.

In Japan, the blooming, ornamental cherry blossom is known as Sakura. As we walked around Japan we were aware of the gatherings of friends and work collleagues who come together for hanami or blossom viewing.

Such is the phenomenon that after every news and weather bulletin you have the cherry blossom forecast. You can see the blossom front spreading from the south to the north over the evolving spring.

In anticipation the tarpaulin or other covering is laid out below the trees, you set up the picnic and wait for the breeze to dislodge the Sakura. Like a spring snow fall.

Who mentioned snow?