Just a simple spoonful

We all have incorrigible habits, yes even me. One of mine includes a spoon and my sweet tooth.


Maybe it started way back in my childhood. Every morning before I ventured out into the Scottish wind and hail, it was the summer. I was given a heaped tablespoon of malt extract to boost my vitamin intake and no doubt scarify my tooth enamel. The dark brown, sticky goo slid from the pre-warmed spoon into my waiting mouth. Yum!


Was that the genesis for the occasional trip to the cutlery drawer, to pick a tablespoon, head to the fridge or cupboard and choose the desired sweet gloop.


This evening after tea, whilst tidying up and being the domestic kitchen elf I spied a smidge, the remnants of the last batch of home made raspberry jam. Sitting in the fridge looking at me with a tempting, get the spoon look.


I needed no second thoughts and within no time the jam was gone in a tablespoon or two. I don’t double dip that would be too challenging for the infection control nurse self that sits in my head. If I want more I get another clean spoon, but usually that one spoonful is enough to satisfy my palate. Simply the thought of my bacterial brew sitting waiting to go onto another’s toast is unthinkable. They weren’t heaped spoons dear reader, just a modest covering, just a simple spoonful……..twice.




I had to, to make room in the fridge you understand, it was an altruistic act. The next batch of jam is on the way. Greengage this time.


Now where is that clean spoon ?